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    SINSTAR was started in a bedroom in Mayland, Essex by two close friends who had always dreamed of owning a simple t-shirt brand.
    This soon came to life in 2010 when the boys were on tour with their band, driving across Europe. It seemed from the start that Sinstar fitted into the live music scene, and hand-in-hand they grew with some of the UK's most successful festivals.
    Fueled by a passion for individuality and being the best, they climbed mountains and picked up reams of knowledge about apparel on a trip to the giant Berlin fashion show 'Bread and Butter'. Infused with the know-how and potential originally inspired by Indie brands like Johnny Cupcakes and looking up to giants like All Saints, the two founders then spent 5 years building a brand which they lived their lives through, quite literally sacrificing a stable future for a simple spark they once had; an idea that maybe, just maybe this could be their future.
    Meeting some of the most incredible people along they way, from fashion agents to bands, manufacturers, PR agencies, their employees, fans and more, traveling to trade shows and factories around the world as far as China, they were humbled by the industry they were growing up in. This was a time in which brands were innovative, and high street stores were looking to the indies who were enjoying amazing growth and so along with it fashion was alive. It was real. It was a time when the whole industry was buzzing, trade shows were a must-see experience, not just for the business but for the amazing displays and the parties, the people and the industry.
    Then the change...
    In 2014 fashion began to change, the world changed. Everything became faster, everyone wanted more, nothing was enough and fast fashion was born into the mainstream of manufacturing and retail. Something many brands had not anticipated and could not provide at the time. The idea that you could simply design something and have it in a store in 4 weeks was unknown, until then. Something that we knew we could not do in Portugal at the time. Smaller orders, faster, meant more pressure on both the brand and the factory to provide the high street with what it wanted, when it wanted it.
    With factories collapsing under pressure on brands across the globe, the smaller brands got put to the back of the line. Then the indies, the stores in which Sinstar was founded couldn't pay, because online had stormed the world. The brands who could react to trends driven by Instagram and other huge social media tycoons were now selling faster and getting paid first: so we were put to the back of the line. Everything was going too fast. Everything was changing.
    In a bid to try to react to this fast fashion turnaround, and to try to box at this pace, Sinstar brought manufacturing back to the UK, but it wasn't to be. It was impossible to find the same quality garments from European factories anywhere in the UK. Promises made by 9 factories were unsatisfactory, and huge orders were delivered wrongly executed. The brand then started to lose quality. The fit of their garments which the brand had championed was poor, due to cheaper fabrics and having to bastardise the brand to keep on-trend prints which were not part of their ethos to keep buyers happy,  made everything about the brand that was great ,not great. It was over.
    We decided to try and re-acquire our trademark in 2016 after both being made bankrupt and losing everything along the way. When we sat down and discussed the idea of re-launching our brand with the knowledge we now had, we knew it wasn't really up to us. If people wanted to see Sinstar again, as it was, returning to the fit and quality it used to champion... then we'd leave it up to the people.
    Fast forward to 2017: we have made ties with factories in Europe re-imagining our quality in fit, wash and feel, and we plan to re-launch a collection including gymwear, leathers, denims and much more.
    This is the starting line, and we want to know if this brand still has the guts to go back to where it went wrong, and what better way to do this but put it in the hands of the people and customers who helped us establish it. We are working with the factories who founded us, we prided ourselves on quality and will never bow to the high street again and lose what made us great.
    Thankyou so much for taking the time read this.
    Ryan & Sam.


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